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Square Relief

27/11/2021 - 28/11/2021 tous les jours: 14h - 17h

A Linocut workshop designed to help you stimulate your
own creativity and get inspired by the exciting world of
relief printmaking. You will be provided with technical skills
to improve your sense of layout, composition and cutting
techniques and you´ll be pulling your prints on a traditional
hand lever press. Over and above, there will be ample room
for ideas and experimentation, with plenty of hands on and
inky fingers.

Obligation de distance et de masque

Language DE + EN
Fee per course 55 €
Additional material costs depending on consumption
Max 4 participants
Min. age 16 years


Mesures d'hygiène

Les mesures d'hygiène à respecter peuvent être consultées ici.

Contact pour les ateliers

Kulturhuef Grevenmacher
Contact ateliers enfants:

Camille Penen
 Tél.: 267 464-28
camille.penen (at) kulturhuef (dot) lu

Contact musée et ateliers adultes:

Martina Leonhardt-Messer
Tél: 267 464-26
musee (at) kulturhuef (dot) lu